Mother Earth & Father Sky:

Building Yin & Yang

This meditative practice is designed to begin building your relationship with Mother Earth and Father Sky, connecting you back in with your earthly and celestial family. It is a shortened version or a beginning practice to opening up and developing your Chong Mo. This central and largest channel or meridian in the body is about 3 inches across in diameter and comes in through the crown of our head and out the perineum, energetically extending down into earth and up deep into the realms of spirit.


Our chakra system is over-laid within this channel and holds the responsibility for taking our light from within our spiritual body that is expressed through our chakras and moving it down or up in frequency like an electrical converter, so that light can become qi, or qi can become light.  


This meridian is the first channel that forms at our conception within the first cell division. The central channel or Chong Mo is our energetic connection within our qi system to the conscious soul fields of heaven and earth (spirit & matter). It allows us to ground not only deep into earth, but also allowing us to ground deeper into who we are. It is our flow and communication with our impersonal self, the part of us that is outside our soul’s story, the part of us that is not wounded and holds all of our truth. It is our spiritual spine and the source for our will and strength of spirit that we express from our heart.

​​Included In This Course:

  • ​13 minute guided audio recording on grounding through your central channel, building your relationship with Mother Earth & Father Sky

  • A PDF handout on Mother Earth & Father Sky: Building Yin and Yang

  • A PDF handout on centering from the heart and its effects on healing

  • A PDF handout on growth periods and the effects of energetic practice

Mother Earth & Father Sky: Sample - Jeff Smith
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Rev. Jeffrey Smith
Clairvoyant Intuitive Healer & Teacher

Medical Qigong: Practitioner & Teacher,


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