Qigong 102: Alchemy & The Pearl

This is a 9 week 1.5 hour course designed to continue on from "Qigong Meditation 101" teaching you the inner alchemical practices of Taoist yoga. Qigong Meditation 102 takes you deeper into a soul level within yourself clearing and transforming much of the energy that has kept this part of you trapped, hard, and unexpressed.


In this course you develop the tools and awareness in forming and refining your "pearl of qi" in the lower tan tien. You learn to grow the natural virtue energy of the soul that feeds your spiritual development taking your seniority within your qi field to the next level.  


This course is best accompanied with Luohan Gong training.

Fusion of 5 Elements
Shen & Ko Cycle
Central Channel
Belt Channel
Star Spiral
Master & Couple Points
No Mind
Macrocosmic Orbit
Centering: A Deeper Look

You will receive a certificate on completion of this class that will contribute to your required hours for professional certification with the NQA.

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Qigong 102: Alchemy & The Pearl
Starts Jun 17, 2021

Jeff Smith
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Shengong: Clairvoyant Intuitive Healer & Teacher

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