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Clairvoyant Healing

A clairvoyant reading & healing is a "hello" to you as a spirit, as well as the relationship and communication flowing vertically between you and your higher self and with Great Spirit.

Clairvoyant reading & healing work can support you if you're looking to take a next step on your spiritual path. Getting a healing can help reawaken parts of you that have been buried, invalidated, or stuck. It can shift out the energy in your space that's not you and help you validate what is. You are the only person who can ever truly heal yourself. However, getting a clairvoyant healing can help support you in clearing out what may be in the way of you receiving your own healing energy and spiritual communication. 


The readings & healings offered begin with taking a look at your soul's essence and the flow of communication occurring between you and your higher self; along with any blocks to that communication and what next step needs to occur to begin restoring that vertical flow. I'll take a look at how long you've been incarnating here on earth, what life cycle you're in, as well as where you are in that cycle. I also take a look at 2 of your past lives that your spirit is most wanting to pull information from around what you are currently working with. After which, we can work on any questions or issues that you would like healing work around.

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Your Support Team

When we work together in a reading and healing session, I am also working directly with your Higher Self, your akashic record keeper, and with Great Spirit. All the information provided comes through the communication with your Higher Self or Great Spirit. You have all of your own answers within yourself. My role in a session is in conveying the imagery, metaphor, and information you share with me spirit to spirit.

​Your akashic record keeper and Higher Self hold the original energetic blueprints for your unique physiology and spiritual anatomy. So when we work together with your spiritual team in a healing, we can effectively clear out, deprogram, or rebuild what may be foreign, damaged, missing, or out of alignment within your spiritual anatomy based on your original design. 

Working as a team with spirit ensures you get the healing you most need. Through communication with Great Spirit and your Higher Self we can uncover what your next steps are and what we can do to support you in your goals.

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