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Clairvoyance 101: Healing Spiritually



This is a 4 week, 1.5 hour class designed to teach you the foundations of shengong meditation. Through this course you learn the meditative tools and easy to use visualizations that develop your clairvoyance and allow you to begin exploring and occupying more of your spiritual space.


The meditative tools presented in this class are experientially based and provide you with a foundation for finding your center, getting neutral, and going within to access your own answers.

These practices introduce you to the language of light. It introduces you to the tools for clearing your spiritual pictures; those negative thoughts, beliefs, and life patterns that hold you back. Decide how you want to feel no matter what's going on around you, clear & protect your space from negative energy, ground yourself, and fill in with the energy you want more of. 

Centering Yourself 
Grounding Yourself
Filling Yourself In
Spiritual Pictures
Your Rose
Earth & Cosmic Energy &
Getting Neutral
Opening Your 3rd Eye 
Your Reading Screen
Supreme Being
Clearing Foreign Energy
 Your Healing Master
Psychic Surgeon

Rev. Jeffrey Smith
Clairvoyant Intuitive Healer & Teacher

Medical Qigong: Practitioner & Teacher,


1543 Gay St. Longmont, CO 80501

​​Tel: 303.564.5764​

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