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Holistic Nutrition

The connecting thread seen in all disease begins in the body with fatigue; whether it be caused from an acidic diet and environmental pollutants, internalized emotions, or negative mental thought patterns. The body doesn't differentiate the cause of the stress, only that the stress exists and is causing cellular damage.

Holistic nutrition includes lifestyle, diet, supplementation, and botanical medicines or herbs that support the health of our acquired "Jing". This provides the necessary nutrient building blocks to the mitochondria for energy production in the form of ATP, also known in Chinese Medicine as "Gu Qi" or Nutritive Qi energy. When our energy is abundant, our body then has the necessary fuel for its own natural healing ability.


Lifestyle and nutrition both play a key role in supporting the health and strength of the mitochondria within our cells. Energy production does not occur solely by nutritional availability but involves the full spectrum of one's experience

"Where there is space, there is movement. Where there is movement, there is energy. Where there is energy, disease cannot exist."

~Dr. Henele E’aley~