Opening the Pakua

This practice is amazing for helping to bring in and hone our mind; developing our ability to focus and concentrate so we can effectively guide and instruct our qi in mediation. It is also an amazing tool for refilling ourselves when we are feeling depleted and rebuilding our conscious connection back with nature. It is always an excellent practice to do prior to beginning the more advanced meditations.

The Pakua itself is a sacred geometric symbol that holds the energetic blueprint for how reality operates from a 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional perspective (or Jing, Qi, and Shen).

Through imprinting this geometry within your meditation you open a door outside of time. This practice supports you in centering more deeply within your body and prepares you for the advanced practices where you use this tool in the transformation of energy.

​​Included In This Course:

  • An MP3 recording of Opening the Pakua Guided Meditation

  • A PDF handout of Opening the Pakua Channel Meditation

  • A PDF handout on Centering from the Heart and its effects on healing

  • A PDF handout on growth periods and the effects of energetic practice