A Clairvoyant Look at Jing & the Hidden Structures of Our Sub-Conscious Limiting Beliefs

Updated: May 21, 2019

In the Taoist science of qigong, jing energy has always seemed very illusive, dark, or not very well understood. This in a large part has been due to my own limitations and stuckness within this field of energy for many years. However this pattern is not unusual in our day in age. It is typical in our modern day society for our jing or our water energy, the primal origin of our being to become stuck or stagnant in our hips and legs, trapping our wood energy or our true power within it. The impact of this issue ripples through our energy system and our lives in enormous ways. This impacts our relationship space the most and our general ability to really show up; impacting our relationship to the planet, our ability to ground into earth and within ourselves, our relationship and ability for compassion with ourselves, and especially with our families and those around us.

If we are to take a deeper look into jing energy, what is it? Through the lens of Taoist science we know there is a prenatal and postnatal jing energy. But what does this mean? Well, postnatal jing energy is derived from our diet, the supplements that we take, the water we drink. It is our bodies hormones and the sexual energy that comes out of that. It is our bodies male or female energy. This aspect of jing can be replenished and refined by how well we take care of ourselves on a physical level through rest and exercise, as well as the care we give to our own sexuality and the quality of partners we choose to share this energy with. So when looking at postnatal jing, it seems pretty straight forward and doesn’t offer a convincing enough explanation for why we as a society are so prone to have this area become so stuck.

Let's look then to the other side of the coin. Prenatal jing energy is said to be given to us by our parents and when it runs out, so does our life in a physical body. Prenatal jing goes incredibly deep into the very foundations and origins of our being. It is the roots of our inner tree and we are the fruit, the combination of all that have come before us. It is like a river flowing beyond time and space into our very foundations carrying the echoes of our ancestors going back millennia. This is not a foreign energy that you should clear or cut yourself off from as you might from the higher centers as you would be cutting yourself off from life itself. This is an energy that we soften, transform, and sink into through the unique love, warmth, and compassion expressed from the human heart. As this energy is transformed, our original essence beings to manifest within our jing like a sun. This isn’t the same as processing someone else's growth periods or having other people’s energy and consciousness influencing us and filling up our space. This is more of an echo, a kind of imprint of the decisions, choices, and places our ancestors became stuck on as well as the wisdom and virtue they attained. It is that age old saying of “the sins of the fathers rest upon their children.” Many of the masters from Eastern traditions spoke of that fact that one of us cannot ascend and achieve full enlightenment without taking the rest of humanity with us. Lao Tzu proclaimed it takes 7 generations to fulling heal that genetic line. I’m still going to try for one!

In the qigong system I was trained in, our subconscious false limiting belief systems (what we have endearingly called our sub-flubs) are utilizing 85-90% of our energy body while our conscious mind is utilizing only about 10-15% of our energy system. It becomes clear the power and impact these belief systems hold in each of the 5 elements within our subconscious mind and within our energy system. We can’t treat these sub-flubs directly, however we can treat the energetic structures beneath them that hold them up and sustain them by working through jing, qi, and shen.


The cause component beneath our sub-flubs at a shen level are the frozen pictures and programming we hold within our spiritual fields that are a reflection of where us as a spirit are holding matching pictures, patterns, and themes that we’ve accumulated over the course of our souls story that may match, in essence, the energetic echos and imprints held within our jing and the lineage we choose to incarnate in. These are where we have not given ourselves choice, permission, validation, and compassion (to try and sum it up briefly). It is like 2 mirrors positioned within jing and shen facing each other creating a holographic projection of our pictures within each of these fields.


The second energetic structure that holds up our sub-flubs are the fractal patterns of ourselves within our qi field that have become frozen and stepped out of the stream of time. These frozen fractal patterns occur as a result of intense or traumatic life experinces, usually occurring early in ones life. These experiences are created out of the interaction of our pictures between jing and shen giving us a 3D full immersion into our wounds and sabotaging or painful life patterns that may occur over and over in our lives. These fractal patterns are not the same as missing soul parts, however they typically have missing soul parts. These patterns hold immense amounts of stuck, deviated, and foreign energy that indirectly impact our energy system in present time. These fractal patterns are only seen by their effects in our present time energy system and need to be cleared, healed, and reintegrated with us in present time.


Our prenatal jing is the active meeting ground between the soul and all the pictures that it holds. It's the world where the rubber meets the pavement, where it all plays out. These frozen structures are coming through our prenatal jing like a geyser. To play in these grounds is to play with enormous energy! It has a jurassic quality to it, a cosmic quality of the amount of power released when planets or stars collide. The energetic frozen structures here contain our judgments, our resistance, our self individualization, our ego identity, our non-acceptance, and our lack of compassion and permission to ourselves and to the echoes and imprints of our ancestors and our families flowing up through the roots and foundations of our being. The effects of this direct contact could easily prevent us from fully coming in and grounding on the planet and into ourselves. It is the gatekeeper for allowing the “I Am” to reach a certain point of development before transitioning into the “We Are”. There is so much of our raw power, vitality, and healing energy trapped here in this field. I have found many clinical qigong treatment tools and methods extremely helpful in working with these supporting structures of our sub-flub within our jing.

Qigong is a living system and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the times. The medical qigong system is always growing with new methods and ways of treating coming through to address these core issues.

What are your thoughts and experiences around this topic? I would love to hear them!


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