Spirit's Imprint into the Physical

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

From a qi level or Taoist perspective, our Spirit, the part of us that has never been wounded by our experiences never incarnates into the physical world, only our soul has the earthly experience. However, the light of our spirit does shine down and imprint on the various layers of our energetic system of mental (shen), emotional, (qi), and physical (jing) fields as it's light descends and imprints into our being. From a more quantum approach, our spirit is the wave, and  our physical life is the particle. Our outer world is the playground for where our infinite potential becomes our manifested reality. 

Our light from the imprint from spirit can nearly withdraw completely from your physical self, or never fully incarnate if there has been any serious trauma or disruptions within the birthing process, just as is the case with missing soul parts that seek refuge in the spiritual world. It becomes very difficult to work with the personal ego and emotions if the light of your spirit is not fully present to fill the space.

Your spirit and the energy of devotion are intrinsically linked. Devotion is a very powerful healing and grounding energy of our mother earth and the divine feminine principle. In the higher levels of Kung Fu, developing root and the ability to ground deep into earth is foundational for further advancement as it is in qigong. However, in the martial world the energy of devotion is more typically worded as honor and respect, but it goes much deeper than what these words convey.  

You can practice and develop all kinds of skill with form whether this be through Taoist still meditation, or through physical movement of certain healing or martial forms. However, this will only lead to rigidity of mind, body, and heart if practiced for too long or without filling the form or container you have created with the energy of the formless which is its heart and soul. These formless spiritual energy's, like devotion, gratitude, compassion, and unconditional love come from a place that is beyond the mind and is the only energy that can melt the rigidity of the mind and the tension held in the body. It is an energetic field that you connect with through beauty, intent, humility, and surrender. The mind will try to replicate these energy's but it will only serve to get in your own way and block you from the actual connection. Your cup must be empty if it is to be filled.

Bringing the light of your spirit down to imprint into the jing level of your physical body is a very important clinical qigong treatment and sometimes a single treatment is all it takes. Other times, the root cause behind this issues can be more complex depending on the client. From my personal experience and practice, the consciousness of earth has such an all-encompassing energy of devotion for spirit that this marriage between heaven and earth is one of the most healing, grounding, and transformational experiences of one's practice.  ​


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