The Imprint of Poverty & the Subconscious

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Issues with, and surrounding money have plagued me for many years. Finding low quality and poor paying jobs was difficult in of itself growing up, much less finding work that treated me fairly and paid me well. Beginning around the time of my late teens I began noticing a pretty significant pattern, EVERYTHING THAT COULD GO WRONG DID. Much of the time this pattern would be strongest around certain times of year, usually between winter through mid-spring when everything would just start going wrong on every level. Absurd events would occur, one after the other resulting in bill after bill that would just start to get ridiculous. Anytime I would get money, something would mysteriously happen that would require everything I just earned. The harder I worked, the deeper in debt I would go.

Poverty, debt, and issues with money can usually be traced back to having some form of belief at the surface or buried deep in your subconscious that you do not hold any deep value, that you're broken, or unlovable. A belief of not being secure, safe, not trusting yourself, or relying on your spiritual help. If you often find yourself in a financial dilemma, take a look at the mirror that is your life, I bet you will see examples of this theme all around you; particularly in the way people treat you, your relationships, and your work and home environments.  You often may find yourself thinking that you alone are responsible for making everything work in your life. However, this hyper vigilance is not sustainable nor does your conscious mind have that much power. At some point, you're going to have to let go.    

The subconscious mind rules 85-90% of our energy body and it never sleeps. The subconscious mind works much like a computer with programs running on top of programs which we can call "self-concepts", "beliefs" or "pictures". These self- concepts/beliefs create a shortcut so we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel every time we want to drive our car, or ride our bike, know what is safe or unsafe, etc. This aspect of the mind is literally a million times more powerful at processing information than the conscious mind. According to science, the subconscious can process 40 million bits per second, whereas the conscious mind can only process 40 bits of information per second. 

​Any habitual loops, of negative or judgmental thoughts, emotions, or actions that you do are indicators that there are programs running in the subconscious that you may want to upgrade. All the beliefs about yourself and the world that you hold in your subconscious feed your mind, emotions, and actions and will always result in creating particular elemental fields or thought forms within your external qi field that comprise those beliefs. These elemental fields can become massive and quite palpable, significantly amplifying the particular frequency or intent that you are putting out. When these fields are created with negative intent or a belief that does not support you, it will draw all kinds of foreign energy into them that is not you, dramatically increasing their power and strength.

In qigong, there are many points and treatments that can easily open you up more directly to your spirit, soul, and your spiritual support that make this process much easier in creating elemental fields that work for you, instead of against you. A big tool in helping to shift this field is your ability to connect with the energy of gratitude, amusement, devotion, and compassion for yourself. The energy of devotion and curiosity is literally the energetic tool that allows you to grab the rope being offered to you by your spiritual help to you as you hold these limiting beliefs in center. 


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