The Power Of Our Emotions

Updated: Sep 28

The true power of our emotions or "energy in motion" is greater than most of us realize. Our emotions are the mechanism we use to tune or sculpt our creative force with the flow of the universe. It is how we express to the universe what we want to create.

Most of the time however, our emotional energy gets used up responding or reacting to the events that happen "to us". Some of us will wait and wait for those good things to happen in our lives. Others may try and micromanage the variables and force the outcomes we think will provide the feelings and emotions we're so longing for. When we are only on the reacting side of this game, we give away all of our power and energy; we feel like victims. We end up being programmed by our life's story into a self fulfilling prophecy of stress, worry, fear, betrayal, distrust, resistance, efforting all of which is telling the universe to give us more of the things that will cause these emotions.

However, when we can get ahead of the game and step into our co-creatorship by pre-acting, we can start seeing and feeling how we want to feel even if we aren't there yet. We can learn to play with our creative tuner and create the "end point" emotion(s) we want to feel on demand, regardless of what is occurring around us. We don't have to know the "how" or the "when" just the feeling and seeing ourselves have that feeling. When we surround ourselves with the energy of how we want to feel, and the image of ourselves having that feeling, the universe will begin to provide us experiences that are in match with our feeling state. We can take this practice and continue to stretch the limits of how BIG we can go, how much can we feel?

Being able to "see" ourselves in the life we want with our minds eye is very important in the process of creation. But so often, emotion is left out of the equation. It is expected in many circles of spiritual work that if we aren't suffering, and if life isn't hard and miserable we aren't growing. I am here to say that this simply is not true! The real question here is how much of the energy that you are releasing through your growth are you matching on its way out? There are moments of discomfort and self doubt as the boundaries of what you thought possible begins to stretch, change, and disappear. There are moments of discomfort as all the pain and unconsciousness you are holding comes to the surface to be released. But these moments pass and you step further and further into the bliss of who you are. The more of your being that you own, the more ability as a co-creator you have to shape your life in bigger and bigger ways!

If one only does the work on a clairvoyant level from the center of their head or out of body they are outside of the flow of time. In this place everything exists at once. There is no past or future, only "now". So, there is no flow or energy in motion within this space. So often we can work and work to clear a picture, or a being that's holding us back from within this frequency, yet as there is no flow or energy in motion, it becomes difficult to get space around what you just cleared so the picture of the "new you" can take root. At times, some of us can get stuck here unless we can realize we need a different tool in this circumstance to propel us forward. Our emotional energy can hold the memory of a picture even if we cleared it on a spiritual level. So a huge part of healing and creating permanent change is to also change our emotional state to match. It's the process of recycling our elemental fields that are associated with our habits; in this case, our emotional habits.

Our emotions and the degree to which we own this energy is directly tied in to our ability to "have" what we seek to create in our lives. If our capacity for emotion is small, frozen, or all tied up, if everything outside ourselves owns our emotions instead of us, our capacity and intentions to go BIG will not be able to come in. It will just remain in our dream space as a fantasy.

Our emotions are INCREDIBLY powerful! The more we can own them and use them as a tool instead of invalidating them or stuffing them in the closet, the more we can step into our creatorship and take our lives as BIG as we can imagine.


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