Shengong 103: Language of  Spirit

This is a 4 week, 1.5 hour class designed to teach you t


The meditative tools presented in this class are experientially based and are designed to clear and transform the energy in your space that is not you; while softening and grounding the soul more deeply into the body. This training provides you with a foundation for finding your center and going within to access your own answers. 

These practices develop your awareness and understanding of the language of light. It develops your protective field, it strengthens your inner and outer communication, deepens the awareness of your body and its needs, brings understanding to your emotional feedback system, as well as brings you in-touch with who you are as a soul.

Access Your Truth
Set The Energy of Your Space
Develop Your Imagination
Interpret Colors
Energetic Patterns
Access Past Lives
Karma & Life Lessons
Heal Your Aura
Each of Your Chakras

Rev. Jeffrey Smith
Clairvoyant Intuitive Healer & Teacher

Medical Qigong: Practitioner & Teacher,


1543 Gay St. Longmont, CO 80501

​​Tel: 303.564.5764​


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