Opening Your Solar Plexus Bowl

This meditation is amazing for building the strength, awareness, and protection of our outer qi field or egg (aura) that surrounds you about 3 feet out in all directions. This practice serves as an incredible tool for building the relationship and communication between our personal mind (ego) and impersonal mind (spirit).


Many times when we have experienced trauma in our lives the solar plexus will energetically close under the direction of our personal mind or ego as a way to protect us in the best way it knows how. However our true strength doesn't come from contracting and closing down, but from expanding and allowing our impersonal mind or our spirit at the edge of our egg (aura) to filter out what should, or should not come into our field; much like how our cells function within our body. This practice builds that trust and relationship in our Greater self and re-opens our solar plexus bowl so that the light of our soul can shine through. 

​​Included In This Course:

  • ​12.5 minute guided audio recording on opening your Solar Plexus (The Eye of Your Soul)

  • A PDF handout on the Solar Plexus Bowl

  • A PDF handout on centering from the heart and its effects on healing and conscousness

  • A PDF handout on growth periods and the effects of energetic practice

Opening the Eye of Your Soul - Jeff Smith
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Rev. Jeffrey Smith
Clairvoyant Intuitive Healer & Teacher

Medical Qigong: Practitioner & Teacher,


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