Clairvoyance is a french word which means "clear seeing". Clairvoyance isn't limited to a select few individuals who were born able to see. Everyone has the natural ability to see into the subtle realm of spirit, imagery, energy, and color.


We often close these spiritual centers down when we are young as we live in a society that does not support the embodiment of such ownership, clarity, or spiritual power. Spirit heals and grows through the validation of being seen. When one "sees" the truth, the lies and foreign energy in our space fall away naturally. When we heal the Spirit, the Spirit heals the body!


Clairvoyance occurs within our 6th chakra in the center of our head. It is a spiritual tool used to identify and clear the energy in our space that limits our ability to have and operate off our own information. However, what you learn and are able to gain access too is so much more than just how to see. 

Being born into a world of polarity we often find ourselves bouncing back and forth between the poles of positive and negative. Or, we may gravitate to one side while shunning the other. We get caught up in the resistance, effort, and competition that results from this polarization within ourselves and so often create our lives from this chaotic and painful place.


Developing our clairvoyance and strengthening our tools is the first step in clearing out the pictures, programming, and foreign energy in our space that limit our ability to own both sides of the polarity; to find the point of neutrality and permission between the two. Neutrality is like a super power. It is the key that unlocks the worlds of spirit.

Clairvoyance is a birthright and provides a path to clear the controls that have been placed over your divine creatorship as Spirit. It is a path to clear the telepathic communication and be in alignment between you and your higher self and with Great Spirit; to be a conscious and  active participant in creating your life all from within the vibrational learning space of "kindergarten".

"As above, so below. As within, so without"


Rev. Jeffrey Smith
Clairvoyant Intuitive Healer & Teacher

Medical Qigong: Practitioner & Teacher,


1543 Gay St. Longmont, CO 80501

​​Tel: 303.564.5764​

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