Shengong translates to mean "spirit cultivation". It is a focused development of our spiritual energy centered in our upper tan tien. Shengong practice develops our awareness of ourselves as spirit and our natural ability to see, interpret, and work with our spiritual energy clairvoyantly through the 6th chakra or 3rd eye in the center of our head; the location known by the Taoist as our "crystal palace".

Shengong is a two part system, cultivating our "in the body" vibrations from brown to gold and our "out of the body" vibrations through the 3 levels of white. These practices heal the pathway of communication and relationship between spirit and body; removing the controls over our dreams and divine creatorship.

These powerful practices initiate an alchemical process within our energy system, transmuting our base energies of jing and qi into spiritual awareness. Over time our body and energy system are rebuilt to hold and integrate our ever increasing awareness; enabling us to take all of our information with us at death. 

Shengong is a path of enlightenment, cultivating spiritual freedom, amusement, ease, and neutrality. The Shengong system offers powerful tools in transforming our acquired conditioning and unconscious programming that keep us from who we are and being fully in our body spiritually. It is a practice that realigns us to live our lives within OUR original dream. To reclaim the invalidated parts of our self that have never been given permission to be.

Shengong incorporates spiritual healing, meditative, and reading practice. It creates a clear inner space and offers powerful tools to spiritually wake up to our divine nature, step into our certainty, and own our creative power.

"There is NOTHING more powerful than you in a body"


Jeff Smith
Medical Qigong: Practitioner & Teacher,

Shengong: Clairvoyant Intuitive Healer & Teacher

1543 Gay St.

Longmont, CO 80501


Tel: 303.564.5764​

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