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Clairvoyant Meditation 101

This is a 6 week series that meets once per week. It is designed to teach you the foundations of clairvoyant meditation, how to heal yourself and how to find your own answers. This is an amazing tool kit that you can utilize in every area of your life to create more freedom, awareness, and self healing.  


This program was originally designed by Lewis Bostwick, founder of the Berkely Psychic Institute and has been kept in alignment to the original curriculum, because it works. Throughout this program, you will learn how to use your visualization and intention to create the energy of spiritual kindergarten, amusement, and flow in your body and in your life along with so much more!

Everyone comes to this work from a different place in their healing journey. How far you develop these tools is entirely up to you, and your commitment and dedication to your own growth. The tools remain the same throughout all the years of training available in this work. However, as you move through the training, your tools evolve and become stronger as does your understanding of them. With each level of training, you are given the opportunity to peel back and clear the layers within yourself where the light of your spirit could not reach. To fully integrate and own your 6th and 7th chakras is a minimum 5-7 year journey of consistent practice. But it all begins at Clairvoyance 101 where the effects and benefits of these tools are experienced immediately.

What You'll Learn:

  • Create and enjoy more energy and vitality, and renew it.

  • How to "let go" of what you don’t want: Self-Sabotaging patterns, pain, problems, anxiety, worry, guilt and fear.

  • Create the energy you want more of: enthusiasm, joy, creativity, abundance, passion, peace, ease & flow.

  • Support your body and be grounded on the earth.

  • Activate your Third Eye, and your clairvoyant ability.

  • See your Aura or electromagnetic field, and heal it.

  • Create safe and healthy boundaries, and have your own personal space.

  • Discern what is your energy, versus other people’s energy.

  • Release stress and shift into greater clarity.

  • Heal yourself with color frequencies.

  • Raise your energy vibration.

  • Increase your ability to have what you really want.

  • Know what you really want and then create it!

Enrollment Info

Take 2 hours each week to virtually gather, soundly ground, and start learning the building blocks of spirituality. 


⸺ $275 FOR ALL 6 WEEKS⸺

What You Get:


One 90 minute Clairvoyant Reading 

What You Get:


6 Weekly classes with a total of 12 hours of in class instruction

What You Get:



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