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What is Qi

Qi (also spelled "Chi") is the Chinese term for your life energy, your vitality. Qi energy is deeply soulful with a profound poetic beauty. Qi is responsible for your warmth of character, your sense of passion, your health, stamina, strength, resilience, protection and assimilation. It also is the energy that connects you to the rest of life. 

Qi rules your meridian system, and acupoints, coming from the energy you inherit from your parents as well as from the food and air you take in. Qi is the bridge between spirit and matter. It is what holds the mass and matter of everything together and is the source of all change, transformation, and growth. It is the life and movement behind your mind, body, and soul.

Qi is one of the 3 frequencies or octaves of energy that make up the 3 treasures of Taoist inner science. These 3 frequencies of energy are referred to as Jing, Qi, and Shen. The 3 treasures are naturally in a continuous state of transmutation from the dense energy of the physical body known as "Jing", into the refined energy of our qi, further transmuted into light. This refined light is referred to as our "Shen", meaning mind or spirit. The 3 treasures  provide the structure and container for the soul and our spiritual light to emanate in a downward flow into incarnation. While simultaneously Jing, Qi, and Shen provide a continuous, alchemical process flowing upward, nourishing the growth of our soul and spirit into its full expression. 

Temple in Hong Kong. Candels, lanterns and incense
Shaolin is a Buddhist monastery in central China. Located on Songshan Mountain

What is Qigong

Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung/Chi Gong) translates to mean "life energy skill". Qigong is a relatively new name, a rebranding that occurred primarily of ancient Taoist practices after the communist revolution in the 1950s. The original ancient word for qigong was Yang Sheng, which means "nurturing life". Qigong is a system that branches off into both hard-external and soft-internal styles; focusing on martial, medical, health & longevity, and spiritual/alchemical applications. Each school of development offers a unique approach in activating the innate intelligence within the human being in reaching its full potential. Many of these practices encompass herbology, external exercises, sitting meditation (neigong), breath work, and moving meditative forms alongside clinical qigong treatment to gather, circulate, balance, and refine our internal energy. 

Qigong practice integrates body, mind, and energy into a unified whole. It is a practice to cultivate the 3 treasures, awaken the untapped potential in the DNA, and enhance the natural alchemy of your biology to transform matter into spirit. Through consistent practice, your regenerative healing ability becomes vastly heightened causing the degenerative effects of aging to slow or even be reversed. 


Qigong practice heals and strengthens your physical body, mind, and energy. It deeply connects you with the abundant energy resources and the natural flow within nature. Consistent practice matures your meridians, clears out the blockages that cause pain and prevent energy flow, while increasing the level communication and energetic current your body and nervous system can hold. The accumulation and refinement of your qi through qigong practice provides a profound state of health and the energetic elixir needed in developing and expanding your awareness as spirit.

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