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Kaiut Yoga

Kaiut yoga is a system of yoga that is highly adaptable and designed for our modern lifestyle. If you haven't touched your toes in years or your balance isn't what it use to be, that's totally okay. Kaiut yoga is about reestablishing your communication and developing your relationship built on kindness and respect with your body.

The postures within Kaiut Yoga are simplistic, but go very deep. Using gravity in a very safe, pain free, and secure way with your awareness to open the joints and restore the presence, mobility, adaptability, and structure, we had as children.

Kaiut Yoga places a large focus on opening up the pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle, and planter girdle. Consistent practice retrains your body how to deeply activate the parasympathetic nervous system, to decondition years of patterning from chronic stress that will benefit every other area of your life. Consistent practice strengthens the heart and circulatory system, heals emotional and physical trauma stored in the joints and fascia, and reconnects the mind with the body. 

Yoga Equipment

The Kaiut Yoga Goal 

We operate within our modern agelocked in a perspective of right and wrong that directly effects our range of mobility in the body instead of operating from a perspective of possibility and creating space for ourselves to experience and discover our self. 


The goal of Kaiut yoga is to create that space in the body. To create a state of presence in the body regardless of pose and body posture and the first step is to regulate the autonomic nervous system. Its a journey of building that relationship with your body, based on respect, on kindness, and on being receptive to the communication your body is providing through sensation. 

Our body's hold so much that we often do not want to acknowledge as it may be overwhelming or uncomfortable. This often evolves over time with the mind becoming more and more disconnected from the body creating ever increasing levels of rigidity, lack of mobility, and mental & emotional instability. When we start to reconnect the mind with the body, you start to create the space for those lost parts of your self to return on a physical level; impacting the health and wellness of your entire being.

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