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Kaiut Yoga

Kaiut yoga is a system of yoga developed by Francisco Kaiut, a Brazilian chiropractor. It is a method that provides a set of tools and a perspective for deeply loving and accepting our story; accepting the pain and trauma of our life so it doesn't have to remain stuck, ignored, or denied within our body.


Kaiut Yoga utilizes the seed of traditional yoga poses but applied to our modern lifestyle. All the poses are accessible for anyone at any age, or ability. Whether you have anxiety, limiting restrictions, you struggle with hyper or limiting flexibility, or you're healing from a surgery, that's totally okay. There are no "right" version of any pose, only what your body can do in any given moment. It is a progressive journey in rediscovering your relationship between your mind and body while increasing your mobility and adaptability as you age. 

Kaiut yoga is highly integrative and ignites our body's natural healing intelligence to recover and regenerate. It is a practice that puts you in alignment with nature and the body's natural ability to heal and evolve. The Kaiut method address the many needs of our modern lifestyle with our overworked nervous systems, chronic pain, excessive sitting, and repetitive impacts to our joints through specialization. It is also deeply healing for cases of ADHD, scoliosis,  burnout, anxiety, as well as physical and emotional trauma.  

Beautiful Yoga Studio with mats and pillows laid out
Women unrolling her yoga mat at home

The Kaiut Yoga Goal 

A primary goal within Kaiut Yoga is to create space within our body. To create a state of presence by being able to occupy that space with all that we are. Our goal is a journey to building a relationship with our body based on respect, on kindness, and on being receptive to the communication our body is providing through sensation. We operate so much of the time within our modern agelocked in a perspective of right and wrong which directly affects our range of mobility in the body. A goal within our practice is to begin stepping out of this dichotomy and instead operating from a perspective of possibility and creating space for ourselves to experience and discover who we are


Our body holds so much that we have trained our self to ignore or deny as we most likely never had the tools to truly work with it. Over time this pattern can erode the connection between the mind and the body creating ever increasing levels of rigidity, lack of mobility, and mental & emotional instability. When we start to reconnect the mind with the body, you start to create the space for those lost parts of yourself to return; impacting the health and wellness of your entire being.

Come join us for our online classes. If you don't have all the fancy yoga equipment, no problem! Bring a large pillow, a stack of books, and a belt. All the poses can be modified and adapted to meet you were ever you are. 

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