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Jingui Qigong

Jingui Qigong is a formal “temple style” training method for cultivating extraordinary human health, longevity, and greatly extending the limits of human potential. These practices build internal energy very rapidly while providing a complete overhaul to the physical body. 


You will learn a unique combination of physical practice, meditation, and herbal formulas that work together to activate and convert the enormous potential of energy stored in your body into actual usable energy. This converted energy, together with the body’s innate intelligence, act as a natural medicine that feeds and strengthens your internal organs, bringing you extraordinary physical health and enhancing your sense of well-being.

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Jinqui Qigong training is capable of building tremendous amounts of energy in the body over a relatively short amount of time through converting jing to qi. In addition to meditation and herbal formulas, this is accomplished by creating physical challenges for the body and mind. Within each stage of training, a new vibrational challenge is introduced that activates the mind, body, and energy system to grow and strengthen to meet the new challenge. Over the course of the training, the student becomes stronger and stronger with each new vibration that is integrated.

The Jinqui system is one of the few training systems available to the public that builds and replenishes pre-natal jing energy, restoring Original Essence. In addition, this training provides the means for the student to not only cultivate super human amounts of energy, but also seal that energy from each level of training deep within the body to be recalled up to decades later.

Lineage History:

Jingui Golden Shield Qigong is a training method that originated 500 hundred years ago in western China in the temples on Emei Mountain. This training has been designed and refined for countless generations as a method for awakening the vast reserves of human potential that lie waiting within each of us. It is not until this generation that this ancient tradition has been made available to the general public outside of the temple walls.


Jingui qigong was originally passed down from Master Yang Jin Gui who was a high-level master of martial arts and head of the training for the Chinese army in hand to hand combat during the Sino-Japanese War. Master Yang was one of only a few individuals from all over China to receive the highest honor certificate of Master of Tai Chi (Taiji). He has been remembered as the "Jewel of China".


When Master Yang turned fifty, he accepted formal students. He taught only nineteen formal students in all. His 19th student is Dr. Dongxun Zhang, DAOM, PhD. Before Dr. Zhang came to the United States from China, Master Yang transmitted all the teachings of this tradition to him and gave him his blessings to teach this tradition to anyone wishing to learn. The foundations of this training was originally based within martial arts, but has since been taught with the focus of increasing health, longevity and the human potential. 

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Levels of Jingui Qigong Training:

The Jingui Qigong system has five physical levels of training. Three of which, Golden Shield, Golden Pillars, & Golden Brushes can be trained separately and need not be done in any particular order. The other two, Golden Bell and Golden Crown are built upon Golden Shield, the abdominal level of training. Should one complete all five levels of training and wish to continue there are many advanced levels of training beyond the initial five. Thus Golden Shield Qigong can be a stand-alone 7 – 15 month intensive training or a multi-year evolutionary process.

Golden Shield: Abdomen 

This level develops the lower dantian energy center and strengthens the liver and spleen as well as the muscles, tendons, fascia, and meridians of the abdomen. Golden Shield rapidly enhances one’s energy production, circulation, and storage by stimulating the function of the digestive organs and drawing one’s energy into their “center”. Students begin to feel more centered and full of vitality.  This training takes approximately 7 – 15 months to complete.

Golden Shield:

Golden Bell: Torso

This level develops the middle dantian or heart energy center. It strengthens the lungs, kidneys, and heart as well as the skin, fascia, muscles, tendons, bones, and meridians of the torso.  Through a wide variety of training tools this level of training overhauls the entire region, opening the meridians, enhancing the strength of bone in the spine and rib cage, and vibrating the internal organs. Internal herbs are used in this level to support the body’s intense energetic development. This training takes roughly 1.5 – 3 years to complete.

Golden Bell:

Golden Crown: Head

This level develops the upper dantian or third eye energy center. It strengthens the brain, stomach, gallbladder, large intestine, and bladder as well as the spine, skin, fascia, muscles, bones, and meridians of the head. It serves to integrate the head and the body. Evolution of this area is accomplished through the use of meditations, physical stimulation, and internal herbal formulas. This training takes roughly 10 – 12 months to complete.

Golden Crown:

Golden Brushes: Hands

This level strengthens the brain, heart, and lungs as well as the muscles, tendons, bones, and meridians of the hands and arms. Golden Brushes is a 1 - 1.5 year intensive training system designed to improve the health strength, flexibility, and resilience of ones arms, hands, and wrists. By combining physical & energetic training, meditations & visualizations, and herbal soaks, the muscles, tendons, and bones of the arms and hands are completely revitalized.

Golden Brushes:

Golden Pillars: Legs

This level is designed to strengthen the kidneys, liver, and spleen meridians as well as the muscles, tendons, bones, and meridians of the legs and feet. Golden Pillars is a dynamic 7-10 month intensive training system. This training can be very helpful for those who feel their legs & knees weakening, for the martial artist and athlete who want to enhance their performance, or for anyone wishing to develop this region of the body.

Golden Pillers:
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