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Jingui Golden Shield Introduction

For the first time within this method, an introduction class to Jingui Golden Shield has been created. This allows students to sample this rare and unique qigong training system without committing to a year long training.

You will learn many of these powerful techniques from Golden Shield as well as exercises found throughout many of the other levels. These exercises shared in the intro class have been slightly modified for the introduction level so that student can get an experience of this system.​

For more information on this authentic temple style lineage of Qigong training, please visit the page entitled "Jingui Qigong".

Emei Temple
bamboo forest looking up

Training Introduction

In each class you will learn the foundation forms and meditations that are similar to the practices taught in our more formal Temple Style training.

We believe that:

  • There is an unknown language of communication which runs through all life, as well as this Qi Gong system. With these practices, we are strengthening our ability to tap into this language and use it to directly communicate with the cells, organs and tissues of our body. We are learning to effectively communicate with nature, and merge the information we receive from outside, with the inside. We are in effect, intentionally evolving into a deeper, more conscious and interactive part of the ‘Circle of Life’.

  • ‘Intention’ is the primary driver for where life ends up going. You chose or nature choses.

  • With our mind, we can use intention along with correct actions, to guide and direct us to many helpful things, including better health.

  • The ‘Qi of Nature’ is very helpful for many different things.

  • When we challenge our body correctly, our Qi (Life Force Energy) grows stronger.

  • When we challenge our body correctly, our body grows stronger, healthier and more full of vitality.  

  • When we challenge our body correctly, we create better flow and circulation of Qi. 

  • When we have strong, smooth circulation of Qi we are much more likely to be healthy. Much more likely to avoid the common health problems that plague so many people today. 

  • Much is possible around ‘aging’ beyond what the status quo line of thinking tends to follow.  

  • The way in which we ‘age’, along with the rate at which we ‘age’, is largely defined by the principals listed above.

  • The potential to Evolve Beyond Normal Human Limits is woven throughout our entire system. 

Your First Class is Free!

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