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The passion behind Centered Living is to bring healing to the physical body, the soul, and to the spirit; awakening higher human potential, boundless energy, limitless awareness, and spiritual freedom. 

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Holistic Healing:

In receiving the deepest level of healing on your journey, nutritional support and vital (qi) energy are needed to be able to create the building blocks for lasting change on a cellular and neural level. Nutrition, lifestyle, and qigong specialize in building vital energy that brings healing and wholeness to your mind, body, and soul in highly effective ways. This foundation creates the container for your spiritual information to land in your body.


Clairvoyant development and meditative practices are most effective when the body has the vital energy and support it needs. Clairvoyant based spiritual practices, being highly catalytic, provide the tools for you to receive your own answers within, develop fun and playful ways to explore your inner world, increase your awareness and regulate your psychic sensitivities, communicate spiritually, heal your body and your life, and so much more!