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Clinical Qigong

Clinical qigong healing is a powerful aid to your own personal qigong practice. We often have an inkling to when we aren't in flow, we don't feel like ourselves, and our body won't relax due to stress or pain no matter what we do.


Clinical qigong healing, based in "Classical Chinese Medicine" is a science of healing the mind, body, and energy system through clinical assessment and treatment. This level of energy work is conducted through the hands by direct communication through the qi field off the body or through touch. By working with the acupoints, meridian channels, 5 elements, and the many fields of energy extending out from the body, balance and flow can be restored.


Clinical qigong that's classically based doesn't treat the symptoms of disease, but works to restore balance. When balance is restored, disease naturally disappears. Clinical Qigong opens you to a more clear and balanced state of health so that self-practice, healing, and spiritual growth can occur with more clarity and ease.

Man receiving Qigong Healing
A teaching manican displaying the meridian system & acupoints

Post Treatment

Many clients after a qigong treatment session will report feeling deeply rejuvenated, relaxed, and their heart open. A sense that they feel much more of themselves and can fully fill up their space.


During the treatment session a client may feel various sensations as energy moves through the channels, such as cool, warm, tingling, or vibration. The effects of a clinical qigong treatment will typically take about 72 hours to fully move through your system. Many clients will also report after receiving a qigong treatment that a lot of old, or unprocessed emotional wounds and patterns will resurface as it moves through and out of the energetic system.

After the qigong assessment and treatment, you and I work together to address your unique needs around what came up during your treatment, providing "homework" or meditation practices that will best support you.

Self Practice

Many of the qigong self-practices taught as homework are included in "Qigong Meditation 101 & 102 and Luohan Gong. These practices strengthen and refine the functions within your physical anatomy, your qi system, and your conscious awareness.

However, the homework I suggest may not always involve meditation. Depending on our goals, simple practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily life can have enormous effects on your energy system when they touch on the parts of yourself that haven't been given permission to be. These practices act like a treatment that you can give yourself which greatly helps strengthening the weaker areas in your energetic system between our treatment sessions.

Women meditating
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