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To get the most out of your sessions, it is best to have a clear goal or intention around what you would like to learn, or heal in yourself.  Hold yourself accountable to finding your clarity, healing, and self-empowerment. 

I have provided a few topics you could explore over the course of several sessions. You could choose from the list below or customize your own.

Women breaking the chains

Money & Manifesting

Heal how you relate to money: How you save, spend, and receive. Heal your family programming around money, feelings of lack, and any past life vows of poverty that you brought with you. Heal and reset your affinity space to be aligned and able to "have" your goals and intentions around what you wish to create. Heal old karmic energy that you're ready to release around money or how you create. 



Career & Business

Identify and heal the energy around your career, identifying

other options, or transitions. Identify and heal any blocks around entrepreneurship, business development, attracting clients. Identify how your energy system runs in your career, your creativity within your career, spiritual agreements with clients, spiritual lessons you’re learning through having a certain career, relating to stressful work environments, identifying natural skills and abilities.

Your Own Birth

I work with your Higher Self, Akashic Record Keeper, and Great Spirit to heal the information that saturated your 7 energetic bodies while in the womb, from conception to birth.  Clearing unconsciousness, discordant agendas, polarity, karma, religious programming, dysfunctional emotions, anxiety, illness, beings, lies, & limits. Through this healing you gain access in present time to the updated information restored at birth. Many reluctant and resistant patterns of energies fall away naturally at this level of healing.  This can be a 12 part series.

Your Own Birth:
A Healing Series

Romantic Partner

Heal patterns of codependency within your romantic relationships and where you lose your space to the other. Identify how you relate and what triggers your own karmic patterns motivating spiritual growth. Clear past life karma with your partner, update your  energetic relationship agreements. Understand more deeply what you are learning and healing in yourself through your relationship. 


Astral Body
Dream Space

Dream Space

Learn about where you go on the different levels of the astral or dream space. Remove or update any agreements with beings in your space that no longer serve you. Heal any old “oath or pledge” energy in your astral space that keeps you small and cut off from who you are. Heal any agreements on where you dream for others. Heal your astral body, your silver cord, and the energetic anatomy involved with integrating your dreams and the information you’ve gained into your waking state. 

Holograms, Machines, & Foreign Energy

Deprogramming foreign frequencies, machines, projected holograms, and beings that impact free will. Are you noticing there are certain energies in your space that just won't clear? Or maybe its certain aspects of your energetic or spiritual anatomy that just won't come online? Clear these foreign frequencies form your space and restore your access to your own information. 

Holograms, Machines, &
Foreign Energy

Creativity & The God of Your Heart

Heal your creative channels and where you unconsciously give away your creative power. Heal your connection with the Akasha the source of all creative energy. Heal your heart and its relationship to your 7th and 8th chakra. Heal the vertical flow of communication from your Higher Self to the god of your heart along with your ability to create from within that relationship.

The God of Your Heart

Updating Spiritual Agreements

 Update or end your spiritual agreements, past life oaths, and vows you've made that may no longer serve you. End those karmic patterns that keep repeating over and over again and bring that energy back into present time. This can be applied to old or current relationships; between family, friends, ex-partners, spirit guides, and any other physical or non-physical being.

Updating Spiritual Agreements

Akashic Records & Invalidation

Heal up your Akashic records. Clear out any beings that may be sitting in your records. Restore your connection and access to your own information. Set up your support team to assist with your Akashic records. Heal your relationship with your personal, family & geography records. 

Akashic Records &

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