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For your first treatment session, please allow between 2 to 2.5 hours for the session. For remote treatments, I call you at our scheduled appointment so you can check in and we can discuss your healing intention. I guide you through a short centering practice before hanging up the phone to do your assessment & treatment. After completing your treatment, I call you back to discuss what came up during treatment and go over any meditations or practices that would support your next steps.
A few suggestions you might find useful to help make the most of your session (If it’s all you can do to show up, that is fine too!): Make a list of the primary issue(s) you would like to address. This could be any where you feel stuck. It could be around a big decision or transition in your life. Or, it could be on any topic you would like more clarity around.
  • A timeline of notable events (by your age at the time of the events) can be very helpful. Things like moving, traumatic events, births, deaths, divorce, job/career difficulties. If you know about your ancestry, and your birth, these can also be helpful information depending on the issues you’re seeking help for.

    Then right before your session, if you’re a dreamer, you can ask for a dream to help prepare you to receive the healing.

    During your session, allow your self the space to relax and tune in with your body.
    Avoid physical, emotional, or mental activity during the session.
    If you can remain in a meditative or contemplative state, your treatment will integrate for you in a deeper way.

    Prior to a healing session:
    Do not drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours before or after your session.
    Be sure to have a good meal before your session. Bring a snack and water to have available after your session, especially if you have blood sugar issues.
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