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Clairvoyance is a spiritual tool that we all possess that helps us see and offer a "hello" to ourselves and each other as spirit. Being truly seen and offering a spirit to spirit hello is a powerful step in developing our spiritual body and shifting the energy in our life into greater alignment with who we are. 


So often our spiritual space can get filled up with all kinds of different energies that don't belong to us, creating havoc in our lives. When we run energy through our physical and energetic body that isn't ours it can make us sick physically, emotionally, and mentally. It also interferes with our freedom, as well as how, and what we create.


Clairvoyant meditation and healing work clears out what isn't us and allows the space for freedom, alignment, and clear communication with our higher self, and Great Spirit to occur. Our certainty and ability to "know" that arises out of this vertical alignment is truly priceless.

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The clairvoyant vibration is a highly dynamic, flowing stream of subtle energy. To fully open up to the vastness of this vertical flow requires us to raise our own vibration through amusement and soften the rigidity of the mind. The more light and fluid the mind can become the more clairvoyant energy one can have.

One of the foundational tools we use alongside clairvoyance is a vibration we call kindergarten. Kindergarten is a vibrational space that is very light, playful, simple, and is an unconditioned energy that allows the mind to be more fluid. The frequency of kindergarten is able to flow alongside of clairvoyance into places that are far outside our physical perspective or intellect; it allows one to see "what is". The frequency of spiritual kindergarten is neutral, neither for nor against, providing space and permission to be right where you are. ​

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