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Clairvoyance is a French word that means "clear seeing". Its your natural ability to receive and visualize imagery and colors in your mind's eye; like when you read your favorite novel, or imagine eating your favorite food. We call these mental images "pictures".

Your ability to create and receive 3 dimensional "pictures" of light, color, movement, and imagery in this way is an ability of the 6th chakra or Third Eye, which is an energy center in the mid-brain. 

Our chakra's, which means "wheel" in Sanskrit, are spinning wheels of light and energy that are positioned vertically down the centerline of the body. Our chakra's are the energy centers our spirit uses to bring our creative information into the body as well as take in the subtle information around us; much like our 5 physical senses. Each of our chakras has its own psychic ability. Clairvoyance is the psychic ability of the 6th chakra.

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Body & Soul

​​The word "psychic" originates from the Greek word "psychikos", and it means "Soul personality energy". We each contain a soul personality and a body personality within us that have come together by agreement to have and create experiences to learn and grow. Our soul personality encompasses all of the mystical realm; it holds, our dreams, creativity, our experiences and lessons learned from countless lifetimes. Our physical body personality provides the structure and the container to bring all that magic into time and space so that we can actually function within our day to day necessities.


Our clairvoyance is a spiritual tool we all have to help our soul learn how to work with the energy of the body in time and space. To create communication, flow, and cooperation between body and soul.


Clairvoyant meditation and healing work is incredibly empowering as it gives your soul personality the tools to step into the drivers seat. It allows you to use your sensitivity instead of being used by it; to care for yourself, to get your own answers, discover who you are, create your dreams, and become more deeply embodied as a soul. It creates the space for freedom, alignment, and clear communication with your higher self, and Great Spirit to occur within the body. Your certainty and ability to "know", a psychic ability of your 7th chakra that develops out of this vertical alignment is truly priceless.

Kindergarten & Amusement

When we experience discomfort or pain, it is also a sign our energy has stopped moving and has become stuck. Its normal to not be neutral to pain and that stuck vibration in our body or aura and we often match that stuck energy by getting really serious. However, seriousness is a heavy energy that doesn't move and when we match it, it becomes very hard to heal, move energy from our 6th chakra, or access our spiritual information. 


So a few of the foundational tools we use alongside clairvoyance is the tools to create the energy of amusement, enthusiasm, kindergarten, and play in our space. Kindergarten is the vibration of a beginners mind; full of wonder, playfulness, curiosity, and simplicity. The frequency of spiritual kindergarten is also neutral, neither for nor against, providing space and permission to be right where you are. ​


When we set the energy in this way, it allows us to use our tools to create space for ourselves. To get out of resistance, competition, and effort. To uncover our light and connection to our spirit, heal what is stuck, and shift it back into flow, while having fun doing it.

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