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Sending Rainbow Healing  - Male hand palm up with a rainbow appearing to end in his palm o

Clairvoyant Meditation 102

This is an ongoing 1.5 hour course that meets 2 times a month. It is designed to teach and review the foundations of qigong meditation and Taoist philosophy through guided meditation; providing you with an amazing tool kit to begin your practice.


The guided meditative tools presented in this class are experientially based and are designed to clear and transform the stagnant or stuck energy in your qi system and organs; softening and grounding the soul more deeply into the body. These powerful tools provides you with a foundation for training the mind and going within to access your own answers. 

When practiced consistently, these tools develop your awareness and understanding of the language of qi and your interconnection with the cycles and elements of nature. It develops your protective field, it strengthens your inner and outer communication, deepens the awareness of your body and its needs, brings understanding to your emotional feedback system, as well as brings you in-touch with who you are as a soul.

This course is best accompanied with Luohan Gong training.

Center, Ground, Replenish

Center, Ground, Replenish

Learn the ancient and powerful practice of centering and its importance in the qigong system. Experience how to regulate your autonomic nervous system through your breath and access your own truth through center.  Learn to set your space, and ground into the center of the planet. Learn how you can fill yourself in and replenish your own  energy and set that energy to the vibration you would like.

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