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All Methods Are Traps

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Man Meditating near a misty lake

Any method or technique can move us from form, to formlessness. But all methods are traps. For a method to work, you must become entrapped. For the method to complete its work, it must self destruct. That includes teachers, techniques, martial arts, philosophies and religions, all of it. Otherwise one gets stuck in being a good meditator, a good devotee or student, a good Christian or Buddhist, a good Qigong practitioner or whatever it may be. The process is only complete when you've gone beyond the method itself. Even if you still do the method which most likely you do, you are not bound by it. The craft has become an art form. The way you do it is unique. Spirit is allowed its own mind.

You do have to be entrapped for it to work. You can't dabble, just taste or sample your way through. You better get sucked in.

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