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Bringing Your Practice To Life

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

An important goal to hold whether it be in your meditations, or in your martial arts is in making your practice your own. Develop your own words and interpretations for your experiences. Our practice forms were designed to only help us connect with the principles they embody. When we can learn the core principles behind our practices it opens up our “forms” to be able to shift with our needs in the moment; to be flexible and to adapt. In essence, it brings them to life. Qigong and Kung Fu are living system that can evolve and grow with us through the ages. The deeper our relationship goes within these living system the more they are able to move through us in their expression.

When we teach or practice in the exact way as our teacher taught us, we are practicing from a place of foreign energy; the foreign energy of our teacher or our school. We then only convey a lifeless and empty practice that is very limited it its benefits.

It is also important to note that humanity is not even remotely in the same place in consciousness as it was thousands of years ago when many of these practices were developed. So it is important for us as practitioners to bring our practices into present time. If these practices are taught and practiced in the same kind of energy field as they were thousands of years ago, it forces us to become smaller, suppressed, and less empowered in order to fit into them. It will bring in the energy of rigidity, seriousness, and effort. When we give ourselves permission and inner space it allows our most authentic self to come through creating a state of pure effortlessness and creativity that moves through us bringing our practice to life.

All of us have an energy system that is constantly changing and shifting moment by moment and is never static. We all have unique differences, we all have needs that are unique to us in every moment. Allow yourself the permission to explore and experiment within your own practice for what you need in that moment. Give yourself permission to not be perfect in your life and in your practice. Allow any seriousness and rigidity you may have to dissolve by being amused with yourself or the situation you may be in. You may notice that it will bring everything that you do to life in a way you may never have experienced before!

What are your experiences around this topic?

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