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Creating Consciously

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Have you ever wanted to have more control over what you bring into your life and know how to work that tool more consciously and deliberately? Yes, there are movies, books, and documentaries all over the place that speak about the “law of attraction”. But there is a lot of information out there that is very general. Yes, it may help some, but only when the unconscious stuff beneath the surface just happens to line up for those certain individuals. I personally have been looking for more clarity and better tools to work with our natural ability to create and make it more conscious for myself. There will always be more to uncover in this area, but here are some perspectives that I’ve learned and put into action that have really helped!


What is an energetic mockup you might ask? Well, according to the dictionary, “a mockup is a full sized structural model built to scale chiefly for study, testing, or display.” So in short, our mockups are held in our heart chakra and contain mini version of our desires, wishes, and goals that we want to create and experience in our life. This could include more money, a better job, a more healthy relationship, the right place to live. Or it may include things like, an answer to a question, having more opportunities to really express yourself, or find greater fulfillment, creativity, or more hellos from the people you pass on the sidewalk that day. It could be anything, tangible or intangible. We are always creating mockups and sending them out to the “cosmic chef” to be fulfilled. However, most of us aren’t doing this intentionally or consciously, so a lot of other “stuff” can get thrown in with our mockups energetically that may be very contradictory, or self sabotaging that will block or distort how those desires, wishes, or goals come in. It's a really fun practice to get in the habit of doing every morning and watching how your mockup comes in that day!

Getting Clear

Needless to say, it is very important to get clear on your direction and what you want to bring in. You don’t need to know the “how” just the “what” and the “why”. If you don’t know exactly, just do the best you can with what you know, or you could always mockup to become more clear around that area. If you create several mockups out of a place of confusion that all take you in very different directions around the same issue, it diffuses your energy and it really confuses that “cosmic chef” in helping you align with what you want to come in. You start really getting in your own way. From personal experience, it can really add a tremendous amount of chaos and even more confusion to your life as all these opposing mockups start come in! One thing to avoid when you create your mockup is never put a particular person in it. This starts messing around with free will and that individual will feel it to some level and begin pushing you away, or that relationship or partnership will eventually self destruct as a result.

Can You Receive?

The biggest block for most of us is our ability to really receive what we are wanting to bring in. We have so much conditioning as a society around the expectations of what we “can” and “can’t” have, or what we “can”, and “can’t” do. We want our dream life that will allow us to fully blossom into the best versions of ourselves, but at the same time many of us hold and match the energy around us of struggle, effort, lack, and unconsciousness that keeps us locked in the trenches barely making it through each day. So the second step is to start clearing out all the energy in your space that would say you “can’t have that” or you “don’t deserve” that, any seriousness, resistance, guilt or unconsciousness energy. Or maybe you have that energy in your space that says “there are so many people that have really hard lives, I can’t have it this good when there is this much suffering going on in the world.” But you can and have a right to live in that abundant state! You can create and have such a greater and more powerful impact on the world when you live in abundance rather than lack.

Can You Have Where You Are In This Moment?

Many times when we have a strong mockup that we want to bring in, it takes us out of present time and puts our energy into the future. However, our ability to create comes from having all our energy in the present moment. Quite often it takes time for the physical world to catch up and match where we are spiritually. We have to be able to have where we are in this moment; coming to a place inside that we can be neutral to our current experience. When we are not able to have where we are, the inner resistance that we generate causes our experience to persist. It makes the energy we are experiencing very difficult to shift and blocks our mock up from coming in.

Perspective on Faith: Shen, Qi, & Jing (Spiritual Body, Soul Body, Physical Body)

When you create your mockups there are 3 main things that need to happen for that mockup to really come in. You need to experience your mockup on a Jing, Qi, and Shen level. You must be able to see it clearly, feel it emotionally, what it would be like to have that, feeling the gratitude and joy of that mockup on an emotional level, and feeling it in your body physically. How would your body respond if that mockup was apart of your life? When you experience this on all 3 levels it literally creates a field of energy around you of your mockup. If you can envision it, it already exists. It is then only a matter of waiting for it to come in. Your mockup wants to find you. When you bring your mockup down through all 3 levels and make this a practice, it will feel very much like it is already part of your life. Expressing the energy of gratitude for having received your mockup already, energetically magnifies the alignment on the physical plane making it thousands of times more powerful in drawing in that mockup.

Areas to Receive an Energetic Healing On

On a subconscious level we can have so many programs running beneath the surface that are exactly opposite to what we may know is true on a conscious level. Much of the time, we are so “in the thick of it” that it can be a bit difficult to even see or identify these subconscious loops and programs that are playing out. This is were getting some outside perspective from a healer can be very beneficial in helping to clear these by doing some energetic healing work that can make this process much easier and faster. These programs in the subconscious control 85%-90% of our energy system, which is huge! Much of the imbalances that will occur in our Qi system are a result of these subconscious patterns. When we can start clearing all these programs and pictures, or fixed beliefs in our subconscious we begin to free up that 85%-90% of energy that was being used in ways that might not have been for our highest good or blocking that life that we’ve been wanting to create.

What Did You Want to Learn?

A good thing to ask yourself when you are creating a mockup is are there any intentions you’ve put out there unintentionally or intentionally on “what you are wanting to learn”? Earlier this year, this is something I had to ask myself. I had been stuck in a lease agreement after my roommate had moved out that was far out side of my financial budget for several months with a job that was not supporting me. I ended up having to sell nearly everything I owned to make my rent. My mockups were for finding a good roommate and another job that would be more supportive, but for some reason, they just weren’t coming in. When I looked back, I had noticed that at the beginning of the year I had the intention that 2017 was going to be about really building a deeper trust in myself and my own resourcefulness. In years past my mockups would just seem to get dropped in my lap, they would find me because my intentions for learning was about building that trust with spirit/or the universe. From this experience I’ve learned that timing is a huge piece of the puzzle. That particular growth period for me had a time limit to it that had to run its course to fully complete the lesson I wanted to learn.

Sometimes when we are waiting for our mockups, we need to be receptive and just allow the universe to work and not get in its way. Other times we need to add our own “will” to the equation for that mockup to come in just right. So when you go inward, ask yourself, what lesson did you really want learn in this situation? Is this a time to be patient and wait, a time for exerting your will, or being receptive?

Be aware that when you have a mockup, sometimes before its arrival, it’s approach will push debris type situations into your life. Things that are close to your mockup, but not quite there yet. Hold strong to what you originally put out there and don’t compromise yourself, it’s on its way. Only mockup one thing at a time. Frame your mockup in the positive, not gripping on to them too tightly or to loosely so they fall out, allow them to just drop in.

Letting Your Mockup Go

One of the most important steps in creating your mockup, is letting it go. Being neutral and unattached to the results of your mockup or how it will look or come in is very important to it actually coming in. When you let your personal human mind get in the way by “trying to DO something”, trying to figure out exactly how it will look or how it will come in, it blocks and limits the infinite possibilities that are working behind the scenes to bring that mockup in for you. When a person is over attached to their mockup, it can never really leave your space and that mockup order is never able to be fully placed with that cosmic chef.

“Doing” VS “Being”: Surrender

An important overall theme to notice in yourself is what state are you primarily in most of the time? Are you in a state of always trying "to do" something or to control, manage, and regulate your life and personal world. Are you always looking for a new mediation practice or healing technique? Or, can you shift this into a state of just "being". This is an advanced practice and not something that comes in the very beginning for most of us. It takes time and "doing" practice to develop this state as your impersonal mind, or the Greater You becomes more potent, blending more deeply into your field and personal mind, the little you. When we get out of our own way with our personal minds need to control or dictate the direction of our life and come from a place of surrender and just "being" we can shift the energy around our mockups drastically. We can create and manifest things in what appears impossible, improbable ways very quickly.

What are some of your experiences around this? I would love to hear them!

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